ajnalogy, a movement...

ajnalogie is a movement that invites you to explore well-being through perfume.

Frustrated by an impersonal perfumery, Agathe wishes to put everyone's needs back at the center of creation. the perfumes we offer combine the art of perfumery with aromachology (the science of the influence of odors) to make you benefit from the power of odors on a daily basis.

charged with spirituality, each fragrance is connected to a chakra and bears its number. a chakra is a wheel, an invisible energy center. we have 7 main ones which, once balanced, give us harmony and well-being.


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Perfume cure 6.0Perfume cure 6.0
Perfume cure 6.0 Sale price70,00€
Confidence Perfume 5.0Confidence Perfume 5.0
Confidence Perfume 5.0 Sale price70,00€
Perfume desire 2.0Perfume desire 2.0
Perfume desire 2.0 Sale price70,00€