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When the love of perfume becomes an art of living: a refined selection at Maison Caldeira. Discover and succumb to the exceptional perfumes of the Trudon house or the Beso Beach complexes.


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Black Musk Eau de ParfumBlack Musk Eau de Parfum
Black Musk Eau de Parfum Sale price158,00€
Graphite Eau de ParfumGraphite Eau de Parfum
Graphite Eau de Parfum Sale price158,00€
Red Musk Eau de ParfumRed Musk Eau de Parfum
Red Musk Eau de Parfum Sale price158,00€
Revolution Eau de ParfumRevolution Eau de Parfum
Revolution Eau de Parfum Sale price195,00€
Petal Addiction Perfume - Korloff MemoirsPetal Addiction Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Perfume Aphélie (New)Perfume Aphélie (New)
Perfume Aphélie (New) Sale price195,00€
Bendito Beso Perfume (Sea Salt and Neroli)Bendito Beso Perfume (Sea Salt and Neroli)
Perfume Beso Canalla (Amber and Caramel)Perfume Beso Canalla (Amber and Caramel)
Beso Feliz Perfume (Sage and Cannabis)Beso Feliz Perfume (Sage and Cannabis)
Perfume Beso Negro (Leather and Violet)Perfume Beso Negro (Leather and Violet)
Beso Pasión Perfume (Blood Orange and Fig)Beso Pasión Perfume (Blood Orange and Fig)
Confidence Perfume 5.0Confidence Perfume 5.0
Confidence Perfume 5.0 Sale price70,00€
Mythical Leather Perfume - The Korloff MemoirsMythical Leather Perfume - The Korloff Memoirs
Perfume cure 6.0Perfume cure 6.0
Perfume cure 6.0 Sale price70,00€
Perfume desire 2.0Perfume desire 2.0
Perfume desire 2.0 Sale price70,00€
Perfume TwoPerfume Two
Perfume Two Sale price195,00€
Patchouli Shards Perfume - Les Mémoires KorloffPatchouli Shards Perfume - Les Mémoires Korloff
Silver Bark Perfume - Korloff MemoirsSilver Bark Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Golden Iris Perfume - Korloff Memoirs Golden Iris Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Perfume MediaPerfume Media
Perfume Media Sale price195,00€
Black Mortal PerfumeBlack Mortal Perfume
Black Mortal Perfume Sale price195,00€
Palo Santo perfume (tonka bean, vetiver and Palo Santo)Palo Santo perfume (tonka bean, vetiver and Palo Santo)
Rose Oud Perfume - The Korloff MemoirsRose Oud Perfume - The Korloff Memoirs