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Candle Les Albâtres Atria (Iris and Amber)

Candle Les Albâtres Atria (Iris and Amber)

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Trudon unveils a new luminescent white series: Les Albâtres.

Delicate, alabaster replaces traditional glass and crowns the scented candle with a tone-on-tone cap.

Praised since Antiquity by the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, alabaster is a soft stone whose milky qualities allow light to filter through. Many alabaster works and artifacts are kept in major museums: they symbolize elegance, finesse and whiteness. In ancient Greece, alabaster also referred to the name of a perfume vase without a handle (αλάϐαστρος / alabastros).

Sculpted in more or less veined blocks from Spain, Trudon containers and caps are in essence unique with their visible veins. Affixed to the alabaster, a golden metal label echoes the silhouette of the Manufacture's coat of arms.


Slightly powdery, its perfume comes from high perfumery: it reveals a feminine character, the delicacy of fine skin. To the heart notes of iris, cashmere wood and amber are added base notes of leather and musk.


Top notes: Geranium
Heart notes: Iris
Base Notes: Musk

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Burning time:
55 to 60 hours

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