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Square cabochon ring - Rose Rock

Square cabochon ring - Rose Rock

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Fantastic and vibrant stories that accompany our gestures, the rings contain all the virtuosity and creativity of Robert Goossens.


A timeless theme that sees its colors vary according to the seasons. Each rock crystal stone is hand dyed with beautiful shades. As each stone is unique, the intensity and depth of the color depends on the particularity of the stone.


Product Type: Ring
Color: Yellow gold
Material: Brass gilded in a 24-carat yellow gold bath, pink rock crystal
Country of manufacture: France

Conseils d'entretien

To clean your Goossens jewelry, we recommend using a soft cloth or chamois. When not worn, store them in their original case, away from light and heat. Note that, even well maintained, your jewelry will naturally acquire a patina over time.

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