Vases and candle holders

Designed as nomadic objects that can be integrated into every room of the house, from the dining room to the bedroom, our vases and candlesticks are both a design signature and an invitation to daydream for your interiors.


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Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price25,00€
Vase “Hush”Vase “Hush”
Vase “Hush” Sale price75,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price26,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price35,00€
Brass cover
Brass cover Sale price20,00€
Pink Marble Wine BucketPink Marble Wine Bucket
Pink Marble Wine Bucket Sale price129,00€
White marble wine bucketWhite marble wine bucket
White marble wine bucket Sale price119,00€
Travertine Wine BucketTravertine Wine Bucket
Travertine Wine Bucket Sale price129,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price75,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price55,00€
Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price64,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price92,00€
Burgundy Marble Wine BucketBurgundy Marble Wine Bucket
Burgundy Marble Wine Bucket Sale price139,00€
Save 77,00€
Anthracite XL VaseAnthracite XL Vase
Anthracite XL Vase Sale price307,00€ Regular price384,00€
“Pi-dou” vase set“Pi-dou” vase set
“Pi-dou” vase set Sale price720,00€