Life outside... it's a whole art of living! Side or dining tables, sofas, armchairs, chairs, these pieces of furniture designed for the outdoors, gardens or terraces, offer a new idea of ​​comfort, design and know-how.


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Candle Cire Trudon Madeleine (Floral Leather)Candle Cire Trudon Madeleine (Floral Leather)
“Woody” Bowl“Woody” Bowl
“Woody” Bowl Sale price35,00€
Small blue coffee cup
Small blue coffee cup Sale price16,00€
Small coffee cup Green
Small coffee cup Green Sale price16,00€
Candlestick "Dappled"Candlestick "Dappled"
Candlestick "Dappled" Sale price28,00€
Pizza dish - “Be my guest”Pizza dish - “Be my guest”
golden plategolden plate
golden plate Sale price19,00€
Fish plate
Fish plate Sale price33,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price25,00€
Pizza dish - "That's amore!" » Pizza dish - "That's amore!" »
Vase “Hush”Vase “Hush”
Vase “Hush” Sale price75,00€
Set of 6 "Romantic" water glasses
“Star” porcelain dish
“Star” porcelain dish Sale price19,00€
Small Purple Coffee Cup
Small Purple Coffee Cup Sale price16,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price35,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price26,00€
Set of 6 “Romantic” champagne glassesSet of 6 “Romantic” champagne glasses
“Sun” porcelain dish“Sun” porcelain dish
“Sun” porcelain dish Sale price19,00€
Console/Full deskConsole/Full desk
Console/Full desk Sale price1.070,00€
Madeleine candles (Aqua)Madeleine candles (Aqua)
Madeleine candles (Aqua) Sale price24,00€
“H” cup
“H” cup Sale price19,00€
Cup “A”
Cup “A” Sale price19,00€
"Romantic" salt and pepper shaker
Decanter “Romantic”
Decanter “Romantic” Sale price33,00€