Fall for our selection of necklaces and long necklaces for women. French designers, high fashion, chain jewelry and semi-precious stones: you will inevitably find the perfect jewelry to enhance your neckline...


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“Madam” necklace“Madam” necklace
“Madam” necklace Sale price352,00€
astro scorpio talisman necklaceastro scorpio talisman necklace
Love necklaceLove necklace
Love necklace Sale price90,00€
Marquise Minimalist Necklace - 18 carat pink gold diamondMarquise Minimalist Necklace - 18 carat pink gold diamond
“Marceau” necklace/belt“Marceau” necklace/belt
“Marceau” necklace/belt Sale price477,00€
Necklace “Monceau” Black AgateNecklace “Monceau” Black Agate
“Madam” necklace“Madam” necklace
“Madam” necklace Sale price325,00€
Save 40,00€
Peace Charms (9 carat gold)Peace Charms (9 carat gold)
Peace Charms (9 carat gold) Sale price85,00€ Regular price125,00€
Save 40,00€
Dance Charms (9ct Gold)Dance Charms (9ct Gold)
Dance Charms (9ct Gold) Sale price85,00€ Regular price125,00€
Save 40,00€
Charms Travel (9 carat gold)Charms Travel (9 carat gold)
Charms Travel (9 carat gold) Sale price85,00€ Regular price125,00€
Carthage laurel snake necklaceCarthage laurel snake necklace
Carthage laurel snake necklace Sale price284,00€
Mini Astro Virgo Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Virgo Talisman Necklace
Mini Astro Libra Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Libra Talisman Necklace
Mini Astro Cancer Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Cancer Talisman Necklace
Mini astro fish Talisman necklaceMini astro fish Talisman necklace
Astro Aquarius Talisman mini necklaceAstro Aquarius Talisman mini necklace
Mini Astro Capricorn Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Capricorn Talisman Necklace
Save 175,00€
Gold chain 70cmGold chain 70cm
Gold chain 70cm Sale price525,00€ Regular price700,00€
Save 40,00€
Madonna Charms (9ct Gold)Madonna Charms (9ct Gold)
Madonna Charms (9ct Gold) Sale price85,00€ Regular price125,00€
Round mesh necklace PMRound mesh necklace PM
Round mesh necklace PM Sale price160,00€
Iconic coral talisman necklaceIconic coral talisman necklace
Iconic coral talisman necklace Sale price259,00€
Save 147,00€
Necklace trio charms pearl talismanNecklace trio charms pearl talisman
Necklace trio charms pearl talisman Sale price342,00€ Regular price489,00€
Baroque pearl necklaceBaroque pearl necklace
Baroque pearl necklace Sale price210,00€
Mini astro bull talisman necklaceMini astro bull talisman necklace