The Parisian Maison Goossens created in 1950 by its founder Richard Goossens collaborates with the Maison Chanel following his meeting with Gabrielle Chanel and is known for its couture imprint which interprets unique and assertive creations in the antique or Byzantine style in semi-precious stones.

The rings are adorned with cabochons. The necklaces of real Talismans in metal dipped in a bath of 24 carats gold. Natural rock crystal, freshwater pearls, turquoise, glass paste complete the range of materials used by the House.


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Flower Talisman EarringFlower Talisman Earring
Flower Talisman Earring Sale price164,00€
Mini Astro Gemini Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Gemini Talisman Necklace
Mini astro bull talisman necklaceMini astro bull talisman necklace
Large Stone RingLarge Stone Ring
Large Stone Ring Sale price375,00€
Save 144,00€
Stones broochStones brooch
Stones brooch Sale price576,00€ Regular price720,00€
Save 147,00€
Necklace trio charms pearl talismanNecklace trio charms pearl talisman
Necklace trio charms pearl talisman Sale price342,00€ Regular price489,00€
Helix spiral clip earringHelix spiral clip earring
Helix spiral clip earring Sale price89,00€
Small lion objectSmall lion object
Small lion object Sale price530,00€
Save 149,00€
Cabochon Bracelet - CoralCabochon Bracelet - Coral
Cabochon Bracelet - Coral Sale price300,00€ Regular price449,00€
Iconic coral talisman necklaceIconic coral talisman necklace
Iconic coral talisman necklace Sale price259,00€
Rock Crystal Talisman EarringRock Crystal Talisman Earring
Rock Crystal Talisman Earring Sale price209,00€
Save 149,00€
Cabochon Bracelet - Light GreenCabochon Bracelet - Light Green
Cabochon Bracelet - Light Green Sale price300,00€ Regular price449,00€
Square cabochon ring - Rose Rock
Talisman Poppy Flower Ring
Talisman Poppy Flower Ring Sale priceFrom 224,00€
Essaouira Loop Bracelet - CoralEssaouira Loop Bracelet - Coral
Essaouira Ring - Amazonite Essaouira Ring - Amazonite
Essaouira Ring - Amazonite Sale price309,00€
astro scorpio talisman necklaceastro scorpio talisman necklace
Mini Astro Capricorn Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Capricorn Talisman Necklace
Astro Aquarius Talisman mini necklaceAstro Aquarius Talisman mini necklace
Mini astro fish Talisman necklaceMini astro fish Talisman necklace
Mini Astro Cancer Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Cancer Talisman Necklace
Mini Astro Libra Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Libra Talisman Necklace
Mini Astro Virgo Talisman NecklaceMini Astro Virgo Talisman Necklace
poppy flower brooch
poppy flower brooch Sale price249,00€