Korloff is a luxury French jewelry brand dedicated to the manufacture of jewelry, watches and cufflinks but also to the creation of niche perfumes.

Sensual fragrances that evoke, implicitly, themes dear to the house such as the sense of extravagance, singularity, power and freshness.


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Patchouli Shards Perfume - Les Mémoires KorloffPatchouli Shards Perfume - Les Mémoires Korloff
Petal Addiction Perfume - Korloff MemoirsPetal Addiction Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Silver Bark Perfume - Korloff MemoirsSilver Bark Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Golden Iris Perfume - Korloff Memoirs Golden Iris Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Rose Oud Perfume - The Korloff MemoirsRose Oud Perfume - The Korloff Memoirs
Mythical Leather Perfume - The Korloff MemoirsMythical Leather Perfume - The Korloff Memoirs