Something to perfect your outfits by adding a rare and precious jewel.


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Bracelet "Hybrid"Bracelet "Hybrid"
Bracelet "Hybrid" Sale price200,00€
Twisted lion braceletTwisted lion bracelet
Twisted lion bracelet Sale price95,00€
Cabochon Talisman Bracelet - Yellow and PurpleCabochon Talisman Bracelet - Yellow and Purple
Cabochon Bracelet - PurpleCabochon Bracelet - Purple
Cabochon Bracelet - Purple Sale price449,00€
Buckle Bracelet - Deep LakeBuckle Bracelet - Deep Lake
Buckle Bracelet - Deep Lake Sale price339,00€
Buckle Bracelet - PurpleBuckle Bracelet - Purple
Buckle Bracelet - Purple Sale price339,00€
Eternity Letter Bracelet - Black cordEternity Letter Bracelet - Black cord
Eternity Number Bracelet - Black cordEternity Number Bracelet - Black cord
Eternity Letter Bracelet - Sapphire cordEternity Letter Bracelet - Sapphire cord
Eternity Letter Bracelet - Green cordEternity Letter Bracelet - Green cord
Cabochon Talisman Bracelet - Natural Rock Crystal
Essaouira Cuff - CoralEssaouira Cuff - Coral
Essaouira Cuff - Coral Sale price749,00€
Bracelet “Monceau” Black AgateBracelet “Monceau” Black Agate
Stones cuff
Stones cuff Sale priceFrom 759,00€
Essaouira cuff
Essaouira cuff Sale price749,00€
Save 35,00€
Colombian “Woodstock” bracelet (gold and fabric)Colombian “Woodstock” bracelet (gold and fabric)
Colombian “Woodstock” bracelet (gold and fabric) Sale price90,00€ Regular price125,00€
Essaouira Loop Bracelet - CoralEssaouira Loop Bracelet - Coral
Save 149,00€
Cabochon Bracelet - Light GreenCabochon Bracelet - Light Green
Cabochon Bracelet - Light Green Sale price300,00€ Regular price449,00€
Knit CuffKnit Cuff
Knit Cuff Sale price395,00€
Mesh Bracelet
Mesh Bracelet Sale price195,00€
Save 179,00€
Lys flower cross bracelet (gold and diamonds)Lys flower cross bracelet (gold and diamonds)
Lys flower cross bracelet (gold and diamonds) Sale price536,00€ Regular price715,00€
Save 149,00€
Cabochon Bracelet - CoralCabochon Bracelet - Coral
Cabochon Bracelet - Coral Sale price300,00€ Regular price449,00€
Stone braceletStone bracelet
Stone bracelet Sale price434,00€
Dad Cotton BraceletDad Cotton Bracelet
Dad Cotton Bracelet Sale price25,00€