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The Beautiful Materials Maduraï Candle (Jasmine)

The Beautiful Materials Maduraï Candle (Jasmine)

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The Duke of Tuscany introduced jasmine to India around 1690. Originally from Arabia, its fresh or dried flowers have since nourished Indian culture in its myths and daily attentions. Here, jasminum sambac perfumes the tea or is tied into garlands; there, near the temples, it becomes an offering.

Burning time : 55 to 60 hours


Notes de tête : Ylang-Ylang
Notes de coeur : Absolu de Jasmin sambac
Notes de fond : Benjoin


Type de produit : Bougie parfumée
Temps de brûlage : 55 à 60 heures
Dimensions : H: 10,5 cm Ø: 9 cm
Poids : 270g

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