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Gluttony is not the first word that comes to mind when we think of a perfume... And yet, sweet perfumes are increasingly in demand. Sweet scents reveal notes ranging from ginger to caramel to tonka bean .


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Beso Pasión Perfume (Blood Orange and Fig)Beso Pasión Perfume (Blood Orange and Fig)
Palo Santo perfume (tonka bean, vetiver and Palo Santo)Palo Santo perfume (tonka bean, vetiver and Palo Santo)
Perfume desire 2.0Perfume desire 2.0
Perfume desire 2.0 Sale price70,00€
Petal Addiction Perfume - Korloff MemoirsPetal Addiction Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Silver Bark Perfume - Korloff MemoirsSilver Bark Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Perfume Beso Canalla (Amber and Caramel)Perfume Beso Canalla (Amber and Caramel)