Flowery perfumes

The floral family is one of the oldest olfactory families and without one of the most important . It includes all the perfumes whose main theme is the flower . Perfumers can create accords around white flowers , roses or powdery flowers such as violets.


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Bendito Beso Perfume (Sea Salt and Neroli)Bendito Beso Perfume (Sea Salt and Neroli)
Patchouli Shards Perfume - Les Mémoires KorloffPatchouli Shards Perfume - Les Mémoires Korloff
Petal Addiction Perfume - Korloff MemoirsPetal Addiction Perfume - Korloff Memoirs
Perfume Aphélie (New)Perfume Aphélie (New)
Perfume Aphélie (New) Sale price195,00€
Golden Iris Perfume - Korloff Memoirs Golden Iris Perfume - Korloff Memoirs