Body soaps

Our soaps are made according to the ancestral method of cold saponification which preserves the properties of the oils used, and also guarantees a surgras soap, rich in natural glycerin, providing softness and hydration .

Our products are guaranteed free of palm oil, synthetic detergents, artificial colors, parabens, sulphates or animal products.


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“Sentimental Powder” scented soap “Sentimental Powder” scented soap
“Clarity” soap (detoxifying)“Clarity” soap (detoxifying)
The perfumed soap “Lost Alhambra” The perfumed soap “Lost Alhambra”
“Balance” soap (mattifying)“Balance” soap (mattifying)
Androgyne Rhapsody scented soap Androgyne Rhapsody scented soap
Travertine soap dishesTravertine soap dishes
Travertine soap dishes Sale price49,00€