face soap

Use our natural clay based soaps on the face or body. Lather abundantly in the palm of your hands. Swipe onto damp skin, rubbing gently in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. Leave the soap on the skin to benefit from all its active ingredients, then rinse thoroughly.


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“Sentimental Powder” scented soap “Sentimental Powder” scented soap
“Clarity” soap (detoxifying)“Clarity” soap (detoxifying)
The perfumed soap “Lost Alhambra” The perfumed soap “Lost Alhambra”
“Balance” soap (mattifying)“Balance” soap (mattifying)
Androgyne Rhapsody scented soap Androgyne Rhapsody scented soap
Travertine soap dishesTravertine soap dishes
Travertine soap dishes Sale price49,00€