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Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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The sticks of Palo Santo allow you to purify your environment and your spirit. This natural incense from South America inspires peace and harmony with its woody scent. This sacred wood promotes relaxation and meditation.
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Cet encens naturel originaire d’Amérique du Sud inspire la paix et l’harmonie grâce à sa senteur boisée. Ce bois sacrée favorise la relaxation et la méditation.


Type de produit : Palo Santo
Vendu par 4 unités
Composition : 100 % Bois de Palo Santo - Naturel et éthique

Conseils d'entretien

To use it, there is a protocol:

- Light the stick of Palo Santo using a candle preferably
- Let it burn for about a minute
- Gently blow out the flame so that the wood ignites and smokes.
- Shake the stick while waving your hand to extinguish the flame.
- Walk around the space in which you want to cleanse the energy.
- Start streaming through the front door.
- Then walk clockwise with the stick or just let the smoke and smell fill the room.
- Then place the Palo Santo stick in a non-flammable container and let it finish burning. Palo Santo wood can be reused many times.

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