Albertine was born thanks to Anemone and Caroline. Two slightly rock'n'roll sisters, in love with the ocean and style.

Albertine is an ode to the sea, to the warm sand, to the beauty of women, to their laughter and their desires. Albertine is a setting sun, a crashing wave, a beach where you bask, a drunken night, a carefree day. Since its creation ten years ago, Albertine has affirmed its vision of femininity, joyful, free and uninhibited by reinventing the codes of lingerie and swimwear.

With its sought-after and so flattering cuts, its exceptional materials and its audacious prints, at Albertine, the swimsuit becomes a fashion item in its own right. It can be worn on the beach or in the city with denim shorts and imposes a sexy "air of nothing" style, both cool and sophisticated.


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