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Beso Beach - Perfumes

Beso Beach Perfumes is a new collaboration between Carner Barcelona and Beso Beach Restaurants. Beso Beach Restaurants is made up of four world-class restaurants on four paradise beaches (Ibiza and Formentera in the Balearic Islands, Sitges a Catalan beach town just southwest of Barcelona and Tulum in the Riviera Maya), Beso Beach Perfumes perfectly captures the he very essence and summery atmosphere of these seaside restaurants whose motto is "No Hay Verano Sin Beso" (There is no summer without a Kiss.)


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Perfume Beso Negro (Leather and Violet)Perfume Beso Negro (Leather and Violet)
Bendito Beso Perfume (Sea Salt and Neroli)Bendito Beso Perfume (Sea Salt and Neroli)
Beso Pasión Perfume (Blood Orange and Fig)Beso Pasión Perfume (Blood Orange and Fig)
Beso Feliz Perfume (Sage and Cannabis)Beso Feliz Perfume (Sage and Cannabis)
Perfume Beso Canalla (Amber and Caramel)Perfume Beso Canalla (Amber and Caramel)