Casa bohemia

Casa Bohemia

Casa Bohemia candles are poured one by one, in white clay pots handmade in the Algarve by a traditional process called OLARIA dating back beyond the Middle Ages.

This art is as old as the Algarve region and was, until very recently, threatened with extinction.

The pots are all different and their small imperfections and irregularities give each piece a unique character.

The protective lids, made of recycled paper seeded with wild flower seeds, can be planted in the pot once the candle is finished .

They use 100% natural soy wax, produced in Europe, as for our perfumes, they are made in Grasse, in the south of France and do not contain CMR* or Phthalates** .


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Candle "Infusao" - 200gr ( Lilac and Almonds)Candle "Infusao" - 200gr ( Lilac and Almonds)
Candle "Amor" (Fig, Cinnamon and Tuberose)Candle "Amor" (Fig, Cinnamon and Tuberose)
Candle "Bohemia" (almond blossom)Candle "Bohemia" (almond blossom)
Candle "Bohemia" (almond blossom) Sale priceFrom 47,00€
Candle "Sossego" (Cedar and Patchouli)Candle "Sossego" (Cedar and Patchouli)
"Alegria" candle (Yuzu and Neroli)"Alegria" candle (Yuzu and Neroli)
"Alegria" candle (Yuzu and Neroli) Sale priceFrom 47,00€
"Comporta" candle - 350gr (mosquito repellent)"Comporta" candle - 350gr (mosquito repellent)
"Summer 1992" candle (Monoï)"Summer 1992" candle (Monoï)
"Summer 1992" candle (Monoï) Sale priceFrom 47,00€