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Nothing says more about us than the books we own

The significant, the beautiful, the big, the small, the bizarre, the essential. Books remind us of what we love and what is important. What we have been, what we are and what we can become.

At New Mags, find a carefully curated selection of the best books, magazines and lifestyle accessories known to man.

And as one of the only retailers in Europe to carry books from Assouline Publishing and many others, we are proud to offer you a range of their collections.


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Book: Matisse - Basic Art SeriesBook: Matisse - Basic Art Series
Book: Warhol on BasquiatBook: Warhol on Basquiat
Book: Warhol on Basquiat Sale price81,00€
Book: Living with Charlotte PeriandBook: Living with Charlotte Periand
Save 4,00€
Book: Crystals - the ultimate guide to crystals
Book: Crystals - the ultimate guide to crystals Sale price14,00€ Regular price18,00€
Book: Jean Michel Basquiat CrossroadsBook: Jean Michel Basquiat Crossroads
Book: Ettore SottsassBook: Ettore Sottsass
Book: Ettore Sottsass Sale price91,00€
Book: Aalto - Basic Art SeriesBook: Aalto - Basic Art Series
Equi - Travertine BookendEqui - Travertine Bookend
Equi - Travertine Bookend Sale price297,00€
Book: Retro-spective of “The socialite family”Book: Retro-spective of “The socialite family”
Book Press - Brass AlmondBook Press - Brass Almond
Book Press - Brass Almond Sale price94,00€
Book: Joseph Dirand interiorBook: Joseph Dirand interior
Book: Joseph Dirand interior Sale price73,00€
Equi - Calacatta Marble BookendEqui - Calacatta Marble Bookend