Intense or light colours, matte or satin finish, there are as many lipsticks as there are looks. A small glamorous selection of the prettiest reds of the season for luscious and beautifully colored lips.


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Lipstick Satin LipstickLipstick Satin Lipstick
Lipstick Satin Lipstick Sale price39,00€
Lipstick Matte lipstickLipstick Matte lipstick
Lipstick Matte lipstick Sale price39,00€
Bacio Satin LipstickBacio Satin Lipstick
Bacio Satin Lipstick Sale price39,00€
Blush Satin LipstickBlush Satin Lipstick
Blush Satin Lipstick Sale price39,00€
Zoe Matte LipstickZoe Matte Lipstick
Zoe Matte Lipstick Sale price39,00€