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Sentara Holistic

“Beauty, Energy and Resonance”
Mayia Alleaume, the founder of Sentara Holistic is from the Basque country, a land of authenticity. From a very young age, she has been interested in the health and beauty properties of plants. For her, the “organic attitude” is second nature.
It all started with the meeting of Topolino, a star makeup artist from the major studios who taught Mayia the secrets of artistic makeup and opened the doors to her future profession.
Since then, 15 years have passed and the greatest models and artists have passed through her hands. Over time she learned to listen to the desires, complaints and small concerns of the most beautiful women in the world. A fervent follower of natural products and aromatherapy, Mayia advised them and gave them her recipes.
After numerous tactile experiments, the idea of ​​creating creams with supple but sheathing, embellishing and caring textures came to Mayia as obvious.
Thus comes the desire to found Sentara Holisitic which is based on energy, beauty and resonance.
Sentara Holistic offers wellness products based on natural minerals to massage your face, your body and restore radiance to the skin.


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