Urban nature culture

Urban nature culture

With a long-standing experience in home and lifestyle collections, Anne-Marie Hermans, is a Dutch entrepreneur who is proud to present the brand that reflects her vision on the world. With the many collaborations, exposing the he art of the individual and collective spirit, URyan nature culture likes to set an example and supports local producers as well as suppliers of natural materials.


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“Woody” Bowl“Woody” Bowl
“Woody” Bowl Sale price35,00€
Candlestick "Dappled"Candlestick "Dappled"
Candlestick "Dappled" Sale price28,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price25,00€
golden plategolden plate
golden plate Sale price19,00€
Vase “Hush”Vase “Hush”
Vase “Hush” Sale price75,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price26,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price35,00€
Save 10,00€
“Pollini” candle holder transparent almond buff“Pollini” candle holder transparent almond buff
“Pollini” candle holder transparent almond buff Sale price40,00€ Regular price50,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price75,00€
Save 28,00€
Cameo Brown Cylinder CushionCameo Brown Cylinder Cushion
Cameo Brown Cylinder Cushion Sale price28,00€ Regular price56,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price55,00€
Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price64,00€
Vase “Serra”Vase “Serra”
Vase “Serra” Sale price92,00€
Save 12,00€
“Clessidra” gold candle holder size L“Clessidra” gold candle holder size L
“Clessidra” gold candle holder size L Sale price52,00€ Regular price64,00€
Save 15,00€
Cotton blanketCotton blanket
Cotton blanket Sale price60,00€ Regular price75,00€
Mug "Ogawa"Mug "Ogawa"
Mug "Ogawa" Sale price12,00€
Save 74,00€
“Altar” table in natural wood
“Altar” table in natural wood Sale price297,00€ Regular price371,00€
Save 36,00€
Almond CushionAlmond Cushion
Almond Cushion Sale price36,00€ Regular price72,00€
Save 40,00€
“Sameru” Cushion“Sameru” Cushion
“Sameru” Cushion Sale price40,00€ Regular price80,00€
Save 77,00€
Anthracite XL VaseAnthracite XL Vase
Anthracite XL Vase Sale price307,00€ Regular price384,00€