Van Palma

Van Palma

It was in Provence that Van Palma was born, and if its name recalls the breeze in the Californian palm trees, its essence smells of lavender, mimosa and the landscapes of Cézanne and Van Gogh.

It was cradled by the Mediterranean that Victoria wanted to create a sun brand so that all women, wherever they go, take a ray of sunshine with them.

Each year, the collections mix embroidery and prints with noble materials such as silk, felt, velvet, leather... Victoria plays with codes and contrasts!


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Wool felt hat "Noe" BlackWool felt hat "Noe" Black
Wool felt hat "Noe" Black Sale price170,00€
Wool felt hat "Ulysses" Off WhiteWool felt hat "Ulysses" Off White
“Anna” Wool Felt Hat Gray“Anna” Wool Felt Hat Gray
“Anna” Wool Felt Hat Gray Sale price200,00€
Wool felt hat "Abbie" SandWool felt hat "Abbie" Sand
Wool felt hat "Abbie" Sand Sale price190,00€
Wool felt hat "Paul" OliveWool felt hat "Paul" Olive
Wool felt hat "Paul" Olive Sale price240,00€
Off White "Ezra" Wool Felt HatOff White "Ezra" Wool Felt Hat
Off White "Ezra" Wool Felt Hat Sale price240,00€
“Jude” natural straw hat“Jude” natural straw hat
“Jude” natural straw hat Sale price250,00€
Save 30,00€
“Opal” XL natural straw hat“Opal” XL natural straw hat
“Opal” XL natural straw hat Sale price280,00€ Regular price310,00€