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Hairbrush - N°4 LA MIRACLE terracotta

Hairbrush - N°4 LA MIRACLE terracotta

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The benefits of La Miracle Detangling and Massaging Terracotta Hairbrush

  • A scalp revitalized by massage

  • Perfectly detangled hair

  • Activator of care


The benefits of La Miracle hairbrush: Detangling & Massaging Coral
Deep scalp massage
Combining irregular pile and very soft nylon fibres, the La Massante hairbrush: Detangling & Revitalizing Coral promises you unique massage sessions. So many moments of calm that promote the circulation of the blood vessels of your scalp for hair that grows back faster and stronger!

Result: your sheathed hair is vibrant with health, your bulb is perfectly nourished at the root, and you have found a new daily well-being ritual!

Brushing at the heart of the hair fiber
Tired of knots? Say goodbye with this massaging brush whose vegan fibers are made to penetrate all types of hair, from the most docile to the most recalcitrant.

Ideal for boosting care
Can be used on wet or damp hair, the Coral Detangling and Conditioning massage brush allows you to benefit from treatments that effectively penetrate along the fiber.


Type: Brush
Colour: Terracotta
Material: 100% natural Nylon and Acetate
Brand: La Bonne Brosse

Conseils d'entretien

Pro tip:
How to effectively use this scalp brush hair brush? By following the advice of our Shiatsu experts. The idea is therefore, when detangling, to start with the lengths of your hair before going up to the skull. Next, work from the center of the forehead to the back of your head, then brush from the front of the temples to the back. After that, tilt the head forward, and pass the hairbrush – always with slow and gentle gestures – from the nape of the neck towards the crown of the skull

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