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Small Wax Scented Candle (Beeswax Absolute) 70g

Small Wax Scented Candle (Beeswax Absolute) 70g

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It invites itself everywhere: its small size is ideal for taking it with you on a trip. We offer La Petite Bougie, too, without counting. They are produced in our workshop in Normandy according to an exceptional know-how, inherited from the master wax-makers.


The Cire scented candle is an olfactory illustration of the Trudon factory: evoking a mixture of scents of perfumes and hot waxes, its scope is symbolic. At the crossroads between ancient know-how, strong commitment and contemporary vision, the Cire scented candle reveals a particular fragrance behind its slightly speckled amber glass: that of beeswax absolute. Bees and beeswax are, by definition, at the heart of the history of the Trudon factory: from the 17th century, its motto was “Deo regique laborant” which means “they (the bees) work for God and the King ”. In 2019, the House chose to support the Orne Black Bee Conservatory, in partnership with the Perche Regional National Park. 4% of the sales of each Cire candle will be donated to the Conservatoire de l'Abeille Noire de l'Orne.


Type de produit : Petite bougie parfumée
Temps de brûlage : 18 à 20 heures
Dimensions : H: 6,5 cm Ø: 5,5 cm
Poids : 70 g

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