"The Ohter" rug by Alex Proba

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One and the Other is a collection inspired by various materials in the physical world that have opposite characteristics of the fiber or textile with which they are paired.

This collection is an abstract representation of the concept of one worlds colliding and co-existing on one surface. Plus, it's a celebration of color and pattern, a positive stimulation of the senses.

The realization in Himalayan wool and silk, associated with the work of shapes and colors, creates effects of shine and unique depth . Edited by cc-tapis, each rug is made entirely by hand in Nepal.

Availability : 14 to 16 weeks

Designer: Alex Proba

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"The Ohter" rug by Alex Proba"The Ohter" rug by Alex Proba
"The Ohter" rug by Alex Proba Sale price12.220,00€
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