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Kure Bazaar

Clean Nail Polish

Clean Nail Polish

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The essential. THE Best Seller. The MUST HAVE

If you had to choose only one Kure Bazaar nail polish, it would be this one... They'll tell you at Kure Bazaar and we'll confirm it at Nail Kitchen. The only base we use on our Nail Bar day after day for nail care.

The Clean base protects the nails, makes them smooth and erases streaks. Its matte finish can therefore be used by men as well, it is a notch whiter than the natural color of the nail.

The nails are ready: either to receive their Kure Bazaar color, or a coat of Dry Finish for a naturally beautiful and healthy nail.

Treating and smoothing base.



Type de produit : Vernis
Contenance : 10 ml
Ingrédients : La formule exclusive Kure Bazaar jusqu’à 90% bio-sourcée est enrichie aux extraits de Bambou et Vitamine E. Kure Bazaar innove en formulant «10 Free», SANS ajout de Toluène, Formaldéhyde, Dibutyl-phtalate, Camphre Synthétique, TPHP, Paraben, Xylêne, Styrêne, Benzophénone-1,-3 Nano
Couleur : Clean

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