Gifts for Gentlemen

Breathe an exceptional supplement into the moments of sharing that punctuate the end-of-year celebrations, with a unique gift, an expression of the elegance of the men's collections at Maison Caldeira.


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Perfume Beso Negro (Leather and Violet)Perfume Beso Negro (Leather and Violet)
Bendito Beso Perfume (Sea Salt and Neroli)Bendito Beso Perfume (Sea Salt and Neroli)
Dad Cotton BraceletDad Cotton Bracelet
Dad Cotton Bracelet Sale price25,00€
Book: Matisse - Basic Art SeriesBook: Matisse - Basic Art Series
The “Reggio” BroadcasterThe “Reggio” Broadcaster
The “Reggio” Broadcaster Sale price175,00€
Beso Feliz Perfume (Sage and Cannabis)Beso Feliz Perfume (Sage and Cannabis)
Book: Aalto - Basic Art SeriesBook: Aalto - Basic Art Series
The “Spiritus Sancti” DiffuserThe “Spiritus Sancti” Diffuser
Black Mortal PerfumeBlack Mortal Perfume
Black Mortal Perfume Sale price195,00€
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Destin Large Signet Ring in khaki lacquered silver
Destin Large Signet Ring in khaki lacquered silver Sale priceFrom 108,00€ Regular price180,00€