Stoned is founded by Derkan Atakan and John ter Riet. The love for marble has always been in their blood.

In 2014 they saw an opportunity to offer something exclusive yet totally familiar and they started creating their own products using premium marble. Simple serving and kitchen boards, hand cut and polished in their own little workshop, and other basic yet elegant designs.


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Travertine coastersTravertine coasters
Travertine coasters Sale price30,00€
Pink Marble Wine BucketPink Marble Wine Bucket
Pink Marble Wine Bucket Sale price129,00€
White marble wine bucketWhite marble wine bucket
White marble wine bucket Sale price119,00€
Travertine toothbrush holderTravertine toothbrush holder
Travertine toothbrush holder Sale price55,00€
Travertine Wine BucketTravertine Wine Bucket
Travertine Wine Bucket Sale price129,00€
Brass cover
Brass cover Sale price20,00€
Burgundy marble tealight holderBurgundy marble tealight holder
Sculpture "Archus" in travertineSculpture "Archus" in travertine
Travertine soap dishesTravertine soap dishes
Travertine soap dishes Sale price49,00€
Burgundy Marble Wine BucketBurgundy Marble Wine Bucket
Burgundy Marble Wine Bucket Sale price139,00€
burgundy marble ashtrayburgundy marble ashtray
burgundy marble ashtray Sale price50,00€