Tacchini Forniture

Tacchini Forniture

Like snapshots of lived life, some actors make the stories they tell unique: in Tacchini's house, the designers who inhabit his secret rooms are precious guests. Masters who tell their disciples, like parents who make their children dream, before sleeping: all gathered around the fire which burns with passion and creativity. The projects become places to explore and missions to accomplish, moments to live and to engrave in memory, forever.


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Table d’appoint Joaquim TacchiniTable d’appoint Joaquim Tacchini
“Joaquim” side table Sale price2.200,00€
Canapé Julep TacchiniJulep sofa
Julep sofa Sale price7.900,00€
Pigreco chairChaise Pigreco Tacchini
Pigreco chair Sale price1.800,00€
“Dolmen” coffee table“Dolmen” coffee table
“Dolmen” coffee table Sale price8.700,00€
Pluto side tablePluto side table
Pluto side table Sale price2.250,00€
Pluto coffee tablePluto coffee table
Pluto coffee table Sale price3.900,00€
“Mura” Modular Sofa“Mura” Modular Sofa
“Mura” Modular Sofa Sale price17.130,00€
Armchair “Orsola”Armchair “Orsola”
Armchair “Orsola” Sale price4.900,00€
“Victoria” sofa“Victoria” sofa
“Victoria” sofa Sale price10.630,00€
Labanca sofaLabanca sofa
Labanca sofa Sale price2.490,00€
"Julep" Lounge Chair"Julep" Lounge Chair
"Julep" Lounge Chair Sale price6.900,00€
Pigreco chairChaise Pigreco Tacchini
Pigreco chair Sale price1.800,00€
“Pi-dou” vase set“Pi-dou” vase set
“Pi-dou” vase set Sale price720,00€
Banquette Five to nine TacchiniBanquette Five to nine Tacchini
“Five to Nive” Bench Sale price6.400,00€
Table basse Joaquim TacchiniTable basse Joaquim Tacchini
“Joaquim” coffee table Sale price4.400,00€